Feng Shui Consultation

Transform your home or office into a harmonious, warm, inviting environment that nurtures a sense of well-being.

How this consultation is unique?

Shambhalla feng shui consultations are a unique integration of feng shui, design psychology and shamanic principles. By fusing these three disciplines into a single powerful system, they revolutionize the way your home or business functions, uncovers the hidden blocks to your growth and success and unlocks your full potential to empower your life.

A feng shui consultation will incorporate:

  • Placement of objects to create balance, warmth and inspiration
  • Design Psychology – This therapeutic process analyzes how your space effects your belief system, motivation, and emotional/sensory response to your space. Each consultation offers personalized information to set up the space in the healthiest way for you as an individual, couple, family, or business.
  • Bagua analysis to support goals related to relationships, career, wealth and health
  • Asian 5-element system to enliven the energetic feel within the space
  • Color analysis using a combination of traditional feng shui, design psychology and shamanic astrology
  • Suggestions to enliven the chi or energetic feel through analyzing how the energy is flowing throughout the space
  • Room & furniture layout
  • De-clutter physically, visually and emotionally

and may also include:

  • Creating a work environ that is more motivating, productive and organized
  • Specific room layout for children’s development
  • Recommendations for new construction or re-model
  • Shamanic astrology
  • Intuitive coaching
  • Assessment of toxicity or uncomfortable areas

We all deserve the benefits of working and living in a more healthy, balanced and inspirational environment.

Feng Shui can also be applied to real estate, architectural or interior design projects, weddings and events.


Melinda Joy Miller, founder, and Kim Colwell, Melinda Joy’s daughter and owner of Kim Colwell Design.


Based in Orlando, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, you will have a choice of seeing us on-site or online. Our virtual approach allows us to offer feng shui projects solely online to transform your space anywhere in the world.


On-site: $185 per hour

Bagua Map Of Home Or Company: $250 – $1,500 Depending on scale of your project.

New Online 2 Hour Consultation: $300

*Online consultations require a hand drawn map and date of birth. Consultations are facilitated through Skype, email or phone. Personalized suggestions are given for colors, furniture layout, curing structural feng shui issues, balancing natural elements based on feng shui and shamanic astrology and intuitive coaching to empower self within the space. This is a comprehensive consultation that includes home and personal suggestions for transformation.

Feng shui Interior Design client



“Kim designed my store on Robertson blvd. Gorgeous and ethereal, with incredible attention to detail, she captured the essence of my brand while giving my clients an ambiance that was truly magical. I am currently working with her on my house and am just as happy and excited for the results.” — Erica Courtney, Jewelry Designer


“was astonished at how different the room felt. Thanks so much. Your generous gift far exceeded my expectations.” — Siobhan, Siobhan, McCafferty & Associates


“Designed by feng shui maven, Kim Colwell, the Erica Courtney boutique has a soft, ethereal quality.” –WWD Magazine
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