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Melinda Joy Miller founded the Shambhalla Institute in 1991 for the study and application of how environment directly impacts one’s quality of life. Along with her daughter, Kim Colwell, she pioneered a new approach to transform the spaces in which you live and work through a unique integration of feng shui, shamanic, psychological, sustainable and artistic principles. By fusing these five disciplines into a single powerful system, they have revolutionized the way your home or business functions, uncovers the hidden blocks to your growth and success and unlocks your full potential to empower your life.

The Shambhalla Institute offers an array of services, consultations, classes and retreats that align with their mission to create beautiful, nurturing and inspiring environments that provide a foundation for life-changing results. Each service can be personalized for your specific project. Classes and retreats can also be customized for individuals or private groups in any size.

Based in Orlando and Los Angeles, the founders offers several online services as well as seeing clients throughout the US.

“Melinda Joy and Kim are full of guidance and inspiration. They provide many ways to improve your life and your space. You will tap into emotions and creativity that can help you become the person you want to be.” Carla Gentile, Owner Harper Hair Salon and Steam Hair Products



Melinda Joy MillerMelinda Joy Miller, Founder of Shambhalla Institute

Melinda Joy Miller has an extensive background as a nationally known feng shui master and medicine woman with an extensive background as a sensorimotor- integrative therapist, expert in permaculture and cultural anthropologist. Her experience in child and cognitive development has a direct effect in her ability to influence the sensory comfort as well as her client’s ability to focus, motivate or heal.

Melinda Joy’s last book, Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques For The Modern Sustainable Garden illustrates the vast cultural history and modern practicality sustainability and permaculture. It includes shamanic principles to garden with more awareness and effectiveness, using your inner senses, working with earth energies, color, flower essences, and more.

For over 40 years, she has immersed herself in spiritual healing arts, facilitated sacred space events, written numerous training manuals, directed feng shui, sustainable gardening and shamanic training programs and produced large scale feng shui and environmental conferences in Philadelphia. She produced and the Feng Shui Hotline for WCHE radio and gained world wide publicity for choosing the new location of the sports arena for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Melinda Joy has been recognized by many publications and news outlets including National Public Radio, Feng Shui for Modern Living and has twice graced the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News.

From a deep commitment to peace, protecting the environment, and creating harmonious space, Melinda Joy pursued many years of shamanic study with Moornah Simonea, a Hawaiian Kahuna and Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, Elder, founder of the Seneca Indian Historical Society and internationally known author and teacher of philosophy of the ancient Seneca People. Grandmother Twylah bestowed on her the honor of Tradition Keeper of the Cycles of Truth. Melinda Joy has studied ways of peace with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the Kalichakra and at an international symposium on the meaning of peace.

Melinda Joy began her extensive study of feng shui with master Lin Yun. Her diverse background has allowed the Shambhalla Institute a unique perspective to develop into the most comprehensive and well-established feng shui, sustainable gardening and shamanic training institute in North America.

“I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me; a new level of spirituality, courage, and confidence, all of which keep growing. I feel more able and prepared to meet life’s challenges.” Grace Perrong, Fashion Executive

Kim ColwellKim Colwell, Teacher and Co-Founder of Shambhalla Institute

Kim Colwell is a Los Angeles–based interior designer known for her strikingly original, transformational approach. She is an NYU Tisch–trained artist and second-generation feng shui master with a lifetime of tutelage from her mother, Melinda Joy Miller, founder of the Shambhalla Institute. Kim’s interiors promote harmony, inspire creativity, and encourage individuality. She marries high style with high vibes, creating gorgeous, signature spaces that empower her clients as individuals, couples, families, teams.

Through a unique approach that she dubs Transformational Interior Design,” Kim discovers each client’s personal vision, sensibility and lifestyle goals and creates a signature design concept that captures their individual essence while evoking a warm, inviting atmosphere. Her mission is to design spaces that are as meaningful as they are beautiful, and help her clients feel empowered and inspired in the places where they live and work.

Kim has unique services such as Paint Therapy, Home Refresh and Interior Psychology that are not to be missed. Having designed homes, spas, offices, and retail spaces for celebrities to leaders in the fields of fashion, health, beauty, wellness and entertainment. Kim has been heralded as an “urban healer” by C magazine and her projects have been featured in WWD and Pasadena magazines amongst others. As an expert she has appeared in the pages of Shape magazine and several books including How To Be Well from health Guru Dr Frank Lipman. The Beverly Hills jewelry boutique she designed is considered “One of the coolest stores in the US” by InStore magazine.

This mother and daughter team work separately or together, using their diverse backgrounds to create a powerful personalized experience for each client or student, regardless of the budget or scope of the project.

“Kim’s knowledge of feng shui is extensive. She has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes they weren’t able to imagine before. I am also enjoying our class. I am learning so much.” Dr Bonnie Tauber, Clinical Psychologist

Transform Your Home, Business, Garden & Self

We would love to personalize an experience for you through an hourly consultation, class or retreat. We work with projects of any scope or size.

Book a personalized feng shui session, space clearing or house blessinto enliven the energetic feel of your space and bring your life back into balance.

We have taken our comprehensive techniques to the garden with our inventive shamanic gardening consultation or class. Our garden designs allow for a healthier lifestyle and expands your intuition while being mindful to conserving water and giving plants their best growing conditions. We offer medicinal, shamanic herb gardens customized to your specific health needs, as well as custom designed meditation, children, butterfly, tea, and sustainable veggie gardens with healthier soil and spiritual benefits.

Melinda Joy can design a custom labyrinth in your back yard or on your commercial property that is placed to perfectly align with the energies from the earth. You may also choose to do a complete overhaul with Kim’s transformational interior design which marries spiritual modalities and artistic talent for a design concept that showcases your individual, authentic voice and feels as good as it looks.

Our reputation for comprehensive training offer students a dynamic, in-depth learning experience in feng shui, shamanic studies and sustainable gardening. These classes are as diverse and holistic as our backgrounds.

Since 1991, we have offered the most unique and comprehensive feng shui training school in North America. Our certification graduates have a distinct competitive edge as no other institute integrates traditional feng shui with psychological techniques, eco-friendly interior design, permaculture, and shamanic principles.

Our shamanic journey class or retreat teaches self-healing techniques with methods to bring yourself back to balance or learn how to encourage more harmony into your relationships through the ancient techniques of the medicine wheel of peace class. These innovative techniques enlighten your soul, increase your awareness, and enrich your life.

Whether we personalize an experience for you through an hourly consultation, class or retreat our approach will enhance the health, beauty and energetic feel of your environment or offer you a deeply personal process of renewal and reconnection to self.



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