Shamanic Gardening Consultation

Melinda Joy Miller’s gardening consultations are like none other you’ve experienced. She includes over thirty years experience in permaculture, sustainability and herbology with an extensive background as a medicine woman, feng shui master, healer and cultural anthropologist who has studied the ancient techniques of sustainable agriculture in many cultures and historical applications.

What Is Shamanic Gardening

A powerful gardening system designed by Melinda Joy that combines sustainable planting techniques with Indigenous teachings, Asian design, energetic balancing methods and psychological principles.

Shamanic Gardening explores the creation of a garden that heals self, as well as the earth. Working in harmony with the natural elements, including the wind, these gardens expand your intuition and offer a shamanically protective quality. The gardens are rich in high-nutrition foods that are medicinal for all aspects of your life. These gardens save you money, offer cutting edge sustainable technology, enhance the health of you, your family and that of the planet. They can even spice up your love life with ancient aphrodisiacs used in various cultures throughout history, enhance your beauty routine, or simply become more beautiful, energetically balanced, and protective.

Types Of Gardens We Offer

All gardens include a customized detailed plan to create healthy soil with placement and planting instructions as well as all design elements. Each suggestions is personalized based on your needs, sensibility, style, budget and natural conditions.

-ZEN MEDITATION GARDEN Set Up To Reflect The Moonlight

  • Your best spot to meditate based on shamanic and feng shui principles.
  • Personalized plant selections designed to tap into the intuitive energies of the moon..
  • Selections of medicinal plants that inspire deeper reflection.
  • Selections of plants that are protective.
  • Suggestions to create a harmonious flow of energy surrounding your meditation spot.
  • Ancient Zen gardening principles will be applied.

-MEDICINAL SHAMAN GARDEN | Customized Plants For Your Health Needs

  • Selections of medicinal plants for the cold or flu season
  • Selections of plants specific to vitamin deficiencies or ailments such as high blood pressure or skin issues.
  • List of healthy customized tea blends for daily health tonics.

-KIDS GARDEN | Gardens That Inspire Touch, Play And Exploration

  • Suggestions to add creative and playful elements of surprise.
  • Plants that allow kids to touch and interact with.
  • List of plants to avoid that can be poisonous or sharp.

-TEA GARDEN | Healthy Tea Blends Right From The Garden

-URBAN GARDEN | Sustainable Balcony Container Gardens

-BUTTERFLY GARDENS | Add More Whimsey To Your Garden

-RAISED SUSTAINABLE VEGETABLE BEDS That Conserve Water And Supply Natural Fertilization

  • Companion gardening methods
  • Techniques to conserve water
  • Instructions to create a natural fertilization system

-LABYRINTH DESIGN | See Page on Labyrinth Designs Companion gardening methods

-APHRODISIAC GARDEN | Romantic Garden Design With Ancient Herbs Considered Aphrodisiacs In Various Cultures

-FLOWER ESSENCE GARDEN|  Make Your Own Flower Essences For Personal Healing

-BEAUTY GARDENS |  Grow Ingredients To Make Your Own Facial Masks And Beauty Tonics

Shamanic Gardening Consultations May Also Include

  • How to garden more effectively with less work and money spent using permaculture and sustainable technology.
  • A personalized garden design for YOUR sensibility.
  • Ancient sustainable methods from the Japanese, Chinese, Pueblo Indians, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Cutting edge sustainable technologies in water conservation, building healthy soil, and growing your own fertilizer.
  • Shamanic principles to garden with more awareness and effectiveness, to use your inner senses, and to work with earth energies, color, flower psychology, and more.
  • Feng shui in the garden to create a balanced, nurturing environment that feels warm and harmonious.
  • Placement of all garden features – raised garden beds, ponds, containers, garden sculpture, large stones, water features, bird baths, trellis, and windbreaks, using feng shui, shamanic, and permaculture principles
  • In-depth suggestions for medicinal herbs and edibles to plant, based on the specific needs of individuals or family.
  • Companion planting details to keep your edibles nourished, protected, and fertilized.
  • Growing information for medicinal herbs, high-nutrition plants, and perennial vegetables.
  • Shamanic counsel on how to create a garden that deepens your connection to self and the earth.
  • Suggestions to attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.
  • Shamanic characteristics of herbs and flowers used for protection and healing.
  • Personalized suggestions to bring specific colors and flowers into your garden design based on what Melinda Joy feels is best for you and your family, that are founded on psychological aspects of flowers and color.
  • Suggestions to make your own flower essences.
  • Beauty recipes to make from your garden.
  • Detailed suggestions to plant with the cycles of the sun, moon and natural elements based on the principles of feng shui, permaculture, and environmental studies.
  • Ways to develop a deeper relationship and spiritual connections with self, wildlife, and the earth.

How Shamanic Gardening Consultations Work

Consultations are in person or online – it sounds counter-intuitive, but you will be amazed at what information she can provide for you over the phone for your specific garden and climate. After surveying your land and better understanding your needs, Melinda Joy will envision the a plan that will initially be discussed with you during the consultation that can be customized to your liking.

We can handle everything for you in Los Angeles or Orlando or offer detailed instructions for you or your gardener to do it yourself.


“We LOVED each moment and cannot thank you enough!!! Wow, we learned so much from your insights. Your enthusiasm and wisdom are deeply appreciated.” —Will & Gemma McCoy, Shamanic Gardening Consult

“The garden has become like our own little Walden Pond: A place of renewal, reflection and reverence for all things natural. You think you have to go somewhere far away to get this, but you don’t. You can do this in your backyard”. —Annie Retamal, Shamanic Gardening Consult

“A thoughtfully considered Shamanic Garden is easy on the eyes and the soul”. —Pasadena Magazine 

First Session: $250 Two Hours

First Online Session: $235 Two And A Half Hours

Extra Time Or Follow Up Sessions: $125 Per Hour

Extra Time Or Follow Up Online Sessions: $95 Per Hour


Zen, “karesansui” or “dry landscape”. Gardens allow for daily meditation, by raking the sand which represents flowing water. The rocks represent a mountain scape.

Before & Afters


Meditation Garden


Sustainable Garden


Children’s Garden


Tea Garden

Our project is in Pasadena Magazine


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Shamanic Gardening book

This book brings sustainable ancient, indigenous, and traditional gardening techniques, history, and mythology to modern permaculture. No other gardening book better illustrates the vast cultural history and modern practicality, sustainability, and permaculture.

SHAMANIC GARDENING contains a history of sustainable gardening, including techniques used by Cleopatra, the Japanese, the Pueblo Indians, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and many others.

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Book Reviews

“Chock full of everything you want there are the essential how to’s, tips on what to plant and the nutritional value of specific herbs. I felt that I’d spent an afternoon with a wise friend.” — Susie Arnett, Curriculum Developer, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

“It’s as if the author is having a personal conversation with the reader and spiritual insights are backed up by practical tips, about a wide range of garden choices and activities.” — Graham Bell, Author of The Permaculture Way

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