Space Clearing

Restore the health of your environment

Space clearings are used for environments that feel uncomfortable or are toxic. Physical and metaphysical techniques are used to clear entities, electromagnetic pollutions, stagnant water, negative thought forms or emotions.

What are the signs of toxicity?

  • A space that feels uncomfortable
  • Plants might have difficulty growing
  • Noxious environments can cause illness, headaches, restless sleep or lack of energy
  • Dyslexic symptoms can manifest: difficulty focusing, mental fatigue, lethargy, low stamina


What is assessed?

  • Free radical producing toxicity which can occur from the earth, seismic activity, earth vibrations, water build-up under the structure or EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). 
  • Vortexes
  • Portals
  • Entities
  • Emotional and mental residue in the air.


Step 1 Shamanic Assessment ($75 – $600) according to the size. For on-site Residential, Commercial, large estates & projects- $185/hr.

Step 2 Shamanic Clearing: A flat fee will be given after assessment, if a shamanic clearing is necessary. ($100 – $1,000 for residential environments or more for commercial properties on average)

Space clearings are facilitated on or off-site by Melinda Joy Miller throughout the world. Please email her with several photographs of the exterior and interior of the space, your name and address.

Practioner’s background:

Melinda Joy began her study of geomancy and dowsing in the 1970’s. She trained for 7 years, once a month, with Moornah Simonea, a Hawaiian Kahuna, world renowned in shamanic clearing. Her expertise allows her to evaluate levels of toxicity that may be present in the land, air or space and differentiate between the many types of toxicity that may be present.

“Physical feng shui cures are 65% successful; metaphysical cures are 99.9% successful.”
— His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, the Founder of Black Hat Feng Shui in America

Recent Article on Melinda Joy’s Space Clearing by Amely Greeven

Space Clearing Projects With Transformational Feng Shui & Interior Design


“I am very fortunate to have worked with Melinda Joy. Not only did I get my land cleared… plants are thriving in certain areas which hadn’t previously…she also touched me on a personal level.”
— Dana Congdon, Film editor and writer

“Thank you Melinda for the Shamanic Space Clearing. Before you started your VERY thorough work I felt stuck in my life and in my home. Without knowing what you were really doing as it was all distant clearing, I started having a lot of movement in my life. My career was picking up, there was a sense of flow which had been lacking and I began making clear decisions.”
— Meredith Reitz, Los Angeles

“The difference in the space is absolutely night and day…and anybody who comes into our home says the same.”
— Nyee Moses, Recording Artist

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