SACREDSPACES   A virtual Zoom Meeting sponsored by Shambhalla Institute and hosted by Melinda Joy Miller   Every Tuesday we are live from 6pm-7pm (EST).

As we journey together we deep dive into the sacred of self and the Earth. With ample time to share our thoughts from mindful techniques, short meditations, videos that highlight the Earth, and a rich variety of personal, indigenous, and inspirational stories from around the world. 

Each Monday and Tuesday, you receive a short reminder of the SACREDSPACES event and the Zoom Invite. After each program on Wednesday everyone receives related, curated wisdom, commentaries, poems, and stories, along with digital links to any videos presented.  Please share with others you feel would be interested. Everyone is welcome.  Thank You.



Classic 7-Path Labyrinth

Used by ancient cultures 3500 years ago. it’s still relevant today to calm, clear the mind, to gain new perspective, & to receive creative ideas. Its classical design has been found on ancient Cretan seals & coins, Roman mosaics, Babylonian masks, & petroglyphs in caves, cliffs, & rocks that mark spiritual spaces.

Used by cultures worldwide as a sacred space for community gatherings & a tool to develop peace or harmony among families & neighbors. Used as a walking form of prayer or meditation, daily walks of the labyrinth bring answers, inner calm, & spiritual growth.

*Online Classes are now available*

Shamanic Journey Classes


Shaman Journey Class

Instructor, Melinda Joy Miller, studied one weekend a month for seven years with world renown Hawaiian Kahuna, Moornah Simonea, learning esoteric techniques to bring harmony to relationships, and to clear dis-harmony from homes, businesses, and land.

Melinda Joy also studied with Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch. an internationally known teacher of the sacred wisdom teachings of the ancient Seneca People, a founder of the Seneca Indian Historical Society and Teacher through the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Senecas. After ten years of study and practice Melinda Joy was invited to be a Keeper of Cycles of Truth/Medicine Wheel of Peace. A powerful process of discovery of one’s purpose, personal strengths, and learning to live with peace and harmony with all. All is One – One is All.

This class changes annually, giving students an opportunity to be healed, rejuvenated, to deepen spiritual connections, and to update their life vision and personal goals.

There is always active participation with inspirational activities that are fun, personally rewarding, and given in a beautiful, natural environment.

The Shaman Journey Class experience includes:

  • Discover your life purpose, talents and strengths.
  • How to heal, harmonize, and strengthen your personal relationships.
  • New tools to feel a greater sense of Harmony and Joy in your life.
  • Learn techniques to expand your intuition, mindfulness, and to enable manifestation of your goals.
  • Attunement to natural elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire using guided visualizations and unique activities.
  • How to use the natural elements for deep personal healing.
  • Special healing, releasing and protection ceremonies.
  • Exercises to shed stress, emotional tension, and anxiety.
  • Ample time for Q&A and sharing personal stories.



*The Shamanic Journey class can be taken 1, 2, 3, or 4 days. Each day is a stand alone. A $50 deposit is required to reserve a space.

Los Angeles; Philadelphia;  Austin, Texas, Orlando, Florida

1 Day: $135

2 Day: $250

3 Day: $375

4 Day: $500


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“Melinda Joy is the one, single most influential person on my spiritual path. I am deeply grateful.”
— Chris Aldworth, Healer and teacher of Magnified Healing

“What an amazing experience! I feel so thankful to have been a part of it! It was such a beautiful and special journey for me and continues to be since. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—  Laura Nutter, Mother & Owner of Modern Sustainable Design



Shaman Studies

Medicine Wheel of Peace/ Cycles of Truth

From the sacred teachings of the ancient Seneca People, as taught to Melinda Joy by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, through the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Senecas.

  • DNA of Peace
  • Soul Elements of Transformation
  • 12 Steps to Peace
  • Living Truth in Wisdom, Love & Peace
  • Related Field Trips and Practicums

See Class Schedule

Tuition: $1395

$200 deposit is required to hold your space.

Instructor, Melinda Joy Miller, has been given the honor of being a Keeper of the Medicine Wheel of Peace/Cycles of Truth tradition by Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, then president of the Seneca Indian Historical Society & Teaching through the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge of the Senecas.

Experiencing the Medicine Wheel

Experiencing the use of a medicine wheel cultivates wonderful spiritual and energetic benefits in your life. The ancient concept of the Medicine Wheel stretches back thousands of years. Medicine is defined as spiritual, Wheel is considered energy. In a circular form, it’s an expression of harmony.

Learn to develop Peace in Relationships

  • Discover your purpose.
  • Learn how to identify patterns that exist in your relationships with peaceful solutions.
  • Learn how to maximize your personal strengths.
  • Develop more awareness of how to work with personal issues or patterns that need attention.
  • Develop your Inner Shaman
  • The basic steps that generate Peace in any  Relationship.
  • How to practicalize ancient wisdom teachings in your daily life.
  • Valuable medicine tools that support peaceful communication.


We encourage parents, teachers, business owners, therapists, and anyone who is interested in helping people build peace in relationships. Will include personalized tips on how to express what you have learned in your home. We encourage parents, teachers, business owners, therapists, and anyone who is interested in helping people build peaceful relationships.

Melinda Joy Miller teaches all Shaman Study Classes

Tuition: $1395/group class
$1845/private class
$999/Online Class (Not Certified)
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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“I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me a new level of spirituality, courage and confidence. I feel more prepared to meet life’s challenges.”
— Carolyn Perrong, NJ

“Melinda Joy is the most loving and sacred and patient teacher on the planet. My life continues to improve in so many ways that I didn’t even know could be possible.”
— Lynn Thiel, Reiki Healer, FL

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