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While Melinda Joy is cited as a “Shaman Of Space” by Purist magazine, Kim has been called an “Urban Healer” by C magazine. Together they have been attracted interviews with NPR, Fox TV, Feng Shui For Modern Living, Shape and Modern Bride magazines. They have been featured in Pasadena, The Purist and C Magazines and Melinda Joy has twice been on the cover of the Philadelphia Inquires magazine. They have been included as experts in several books including best selling author Dr Limpan’s book How To Be Well and A Year Of Living Mindfully. Kim’s interior design or feng shui projects have been featured in Angeleno, WWD, JCK Luxury, Rapaport, California Apparel News, National Jeweler,Lucky and InStore magazine which called Beverly Hills store design for Alan Friedman one of the “coolest stores” in the US.

“An energetic healer for the home, Melinda Joy Miller brings harmony and peace — even to nonbelievers.”
–The Purist Magazine

“Miller and Colwell envisioned different spaces for different times of the day–a place for morning writing, a meditation garden that reflects the moonlight at night, raised beds for growing vegetables…”
–Pasadena Magazine

Colwell’s chief goal is “understanding how your environment affects who you are.”
–C Magazine

“Miller is the secret weapon of interior designers and real estate agents who hit hurdles that elude their most rational problem-solving efforts”
–Purist Magazine

Regarding the new location of the Philadelphia Eagle’s stadium, “In the city of Brotherly Love, what’s a fatcat ball-club owner to do? “Try feng shui!” Melinda Joy Miller and her feng shui know-how, walked the bases with bag compasses and dowsing rods, divining ley lines in order to insure victories and winning scores. SO far, so good, sports fans!”
–Feng Shui For Modern Living Magazine

“Designed by feng shui maven, Kim Colwell, the Erica Courtney boutique has a soft, ethereal quality.”
–WWD Magazine

“Colwell admits that many of her clients are “nonbelievers”, but when when I suggest that we correct the energy, they always say yes — and many times the most uneasy space in their home becomes their favorite and most restorative!”  
–Purist Magazine

Shambhalla client says, “Our garden has become “like our own little Walden Pond: a place of renewal, reflection, and reverence for all things natural.”
–Pasadena Magazine

Kim Colwell, interior designer, feng shui expert and friend of the Be Well, suggests placing decorative baskets in each room of your house to give you and your family attractive, practical receptacles to house unfolded laundry, toys or newspapers and magazines.  ”
–How To Be Well Book, Dr Frank Lipman MD

“Small in square footage, Alan Friedman’s store – designed by Colwell-  bursts with sleek style.”
–InStore Magazine

“The garden was designed to capture the intuitive energies of the moon.”
–Pasadena Magazine

“Designing Erica Courtney on Robertson was an artistic, visionary feat. Interior designer, Kim Colwell gave the space a soothing feel. It’s a fabulous and fresh new environment. One feels instantly at home when walking in the door. It’s like your walking into a cloud.”
–JCK Luxury Magazine

“Erica Courtney enlisted Kim Colwell to give an imprint of her own personal style. Courtney found that each of the designer’s projects reflected the owner’s personality rather than Colwell’s singular vision. Colwell, well known as a practitioner of feng shui, strives to create balanced environments.”
–Rapaport Magazine

Says Kim Colwell, an LA transformational interior designer and feng shui expert, “Clothing can be emotionally loaded – bringing you back to a time when you didn’t feel confident. If you can’t part with it for sentimental reasons, turn it into a pillow.”
–Shape Magazine




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