Labyrinth Designs

Daily use of the Classical 7-Path Indigenous Labyrinth brings self-reflection, personal insight and healing.

Used by ancient cultures 3500 years ago. it’s still relevant today to calm, clear the mind, to gain new perspective, & to receive creative ideas. Its classical design has been found on ancient Cretan seals & coins, Roman mosaics, Babylonian masks, & petroglyphs in caves, cliffs, & rocks that mark spiritual spaces.

Used by cultures worldwide as a sacred space for community gatherings & a tool to develop peace or harmony among families & neighbors. Used as a walking form of prayer or meditation, daily walks of the labyrinth bring answers, inner calm, & spiritual growth.

In the Shambhalla Labyrinth Design & Consultation we can provide:

  • Selection of the best location related to your purpose.
  • A customized, personalized labyrinth design that reflects intention & purpose.
  • Alignment to the energy flow of the property.
  • Alignment to the natural forces & elements of the earth.
  • Installation and design using pavers, painted surface, landscape or high end customized design in any material.


About the practitioner

Based in Florida, Melinda Joy Miller helps people save money, feel healthy, and live longer. Founder of the Shambhalla Institute and author of the book, “Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden”, she consults and teaches sustainable living, permaculture, Earth medicine, labyrinth design, and energetic practices for home, garden, and business. As a pioneer in the field of feng shui, she was the first to fuse psychological principles, shaman studies, ancient and traditional gardening methods with modern permaculture — ultimately establishing the field of Shamanic Gardening.


$160 per hour on-site for assessment, choosing the best location for the labyrinth.

$700 for a personalized, design, alignment & layout of the labyrinth in the space. For installing pavers, stones or other materials there will be a extra fee that will be decided upon depending on the size & amount of help required.


Melinda Joy has a special way of capturing energies in her labyrinth designs. During a filming of her for a documentary, the film maker captured this beautiful purple ray of light pouring down into the labyrinth on the day of the installation. The photo is just as it was captured.


“Thank you again for installing the Shambhalla Labyrinth at my house. It was such a spiritual gift and it keeps on giving and giving. For a woman who recently lost her husband, our labyrinth has become a huge healing space for her.”
Annie Retamel, Shamanic Gardener in Pasadena, California.

“Walking the Shambhalla Labyrinth revealed to me a long-forgotten spiritual aspect of my true being.”
Millie Fink, Medical Trainer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“The Shambhalla Labyrinth centers me, taking me into a oneness with nature. My personal Labyrinth brought sacredness to my land.”
Lynn Thiel, Travel Agent, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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