Feng Shui for Real Estate + Designers + Events

Harmonious, warm, inviting spaces

Real Estate: Sales & Purchases

We offer an evaluation of land and building sites for residential and commercial properties. We assist in facilitating the sale of homes and businesses for prospective buyers, sellers and realtors. Feng shui can be implemented in an empty or completely furnished space, creating environments that are more inviting and sale-able.

Staging is also available.

Feng Shui for Architects,  Interior Designers, Developers and Contractors

We make recommendations for renovations and offer site plan analysis for residential, corporate and large development buildings.

Easy Move For New Homeowners or Renters

We set up a personalized guide for furniture placement, paint colors and structural issues for new homeowners or renters.Interior design is also available and can be blended with feng shui.

Event Planners:

We offer a package of feng shuishamanic space clearing and shamanic blessing for events. This service enlivens the energetic flow to the space, creating harmony, warmth and invitation.


Melinda Joy Miller, founder, and Kim Colwell, Melinda Joy’s daughter and owner of Kim Colwell Design.


$175 per hour for on-site consultations

$225 flat rate for off-site plan analysis

Thank you for your deposit


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Feng shui, Shamanic Gardening, Spiritual Growth and Interior Design consultations are available to you.

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