What Our Clients Are Saying

“Kim designed my store on Robertson blvd. Gorgeous and ethereal, with incredible attention to detail, she captured the essence of my brand while giving my clients an ambiance that was truly magical. I am currently working with her on my house and am just as happy and excited for the results.”

Erica Courtney

Jewelry Designer

“Kim designed my store on Robertson blvd. Gorgeous and ethereal, with incredible attention to detail, she captured the essence of my brand while giving my clients an ambiance that was truly magical. I am currently working with her on my house and am just as happy and excited for the results.”

Mark Robert Halper

Photographer, Los Angeles, Feng Shui + Custom furniture

“Kim performed a house blessing for me earlier this year and it has changed my life! As a new business entrepreneur, I was seeking work/life balance and harmony in my space.
She was instrumental in clearing clutter, releasing stuck energies and helping me vision how I wanted my business to grow…renewing the chi…Kim’s wonderful spirit does just that!”

Claire Chew

Owner, Luxe Pets, Feng Shui + House Blessing Ceremony

“During the time of construction, Kim made sure that all the color choices and room layouts were harmonious. I get comments every day from clients on how they love the energy of my space. This energy follows me to my home and helped me to decide color and placement there, which has made a huge difference in my sleeping patterns and the tranquility of my home life.”

Carla Gentile


“I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am about the design you created for my new jewelry store. It is better than I imagined it would be. It is truly beautiful! I can’t wait to get in there every day to just be in such a gorgeous environment! You truly captured the essence of what I was envisioning.

I thank you for all your wonderful ideas (and you had SO many), and I hope we get the chance to work together again!”

Mary Edwards

Owner, Rock Candy
, Del Mar, 
Interior Design + Custom Furniture

“Kim Colwell is extremely personable and easy to work with. I hired Kim to help me solve some complex problems that I was having with my retail space. The energy in my store is less chaotic and people comment on how soothed they feel when they enter through the front doors.”

Cee Cee Capotosto

Owner, Relish Gifts, 
Los Angeles, Feng Shui

“This is the most awsome change I’ve seen in my whole life. You are the most amazing combination of mom and daughter shamanic fengshui voodoo magic girls ever!!!!!!!! This is huge. Thank you.”

Deborah Lindquist

sustainable clothing & wedding designer

“The difference in the space is absolutely night and day …and anybody who comes into our home says the same.”

Nyee Moses

Recording Artist, Los Angeles, Shamanic Space Clearing

“Kim’s integrity, wisdom and expertise is irreplaceable…I have had amazing experiences with her as have all others that I have referred her work to!”

Gabi Skin Studio

Owner, NYC : Feng Shui, Lovve Counsel

“Kim has worked on three of my spaces. Her feng shui and space planning skills are exceptional. Her work has changed the quality of my life and helped my business grow. Her sense of style and creativity are inspiring.”


Suzana Palaic

Interior designer, Los Angeles , Feng Shui

“You are a blessing of great joy and love in my life and your beautiful spirit touches us all.”


Lee Rumsey

Fine Artist, Pennsylvania, Feng Shui + Shamanic Services

“Thank you, Melinda Joy, for feng shui, energetics and all of your work with children, past life sharing, your meditations and insights, and your passion to bring healing to the world.to achieve feeling more grounded, focused and above all, inspired. We are grateful to her for providing us with guidelines to empowerment and better living.”

Sandy Aruviel

Neurolinquistic Counselor, Virginia, Feng Shui + Shamanic Services + Student of all Shambhalla Classes

“Melinda Joy, you have touched my life from our early days in Sacred Spaces, to introducing me to feng shui, and our many ceremonies. You bring joy to all who know you.”

Eric Lee

Real-estate broker, Pennsylvania, Retreat participant + Shamanic Services

“I am soooooo excited about the new flow of energy. I am sooooo jazzed I cannot even tell you. You are a serious healer and I can only hope you can handle the business I may be sending your way!!! Beyond inspired!”


Emily Wagner

Real-estate broker, Pennsylvania, Retreat participant + Shamanic Services

“Our living room is AMAZING. Everybody says our place looks like a tv show gave it a makeover – so that makes me very happy! Kim is really so gifted. She gives personalized attention, is sensitive to people’s needs, and has a great sense of style.”


Jodi B Wise

Clothing designer, 
Los Angeles
, Space Revitalization + Feng Shui

“More than just a surface remodel, what Kim does is trigger awareness of something that before you didn’t know how to get to – awareness of your space. Then awareness is backed with functional, doable, ‘get started’ plans – like a doctor saying, start by eating more vegetables, tomorrow, and then get more complex from there! Kim’s talent is to gracefully bridge the functional and the personal, helping a client discover that relationship between their self and their space. That is how homes become beautiful and magical.”


Amely Greeven

Co-writer of the book "Clean", Los Angeles, Space Revitalization + Feng Shui

“Working with Kim was transformative. She tapped into what I responded to on a visceral level. My place is fabulous! You are such a talented, thoughtful and industrious person! Every time I walk into my house I feel at peace and thankful for all your incredible hard work, creativity and impeccable taste.”

Tracy Aftergood

VP, MediaWeaver Entertainment

“I was astonished at how different the room felt. Thanks so much. Your generous gift far exceeded my expectations.”

Siobhan McCafferty

Siobhan McCafferty & Associates

“It looks amazing! I can’t believe this is my house.”

Lisa & Tyler Bates

Composer/Music Producer
, Los Angeles
, Interior Design + Custom Furniture

“As an interior designer, I was very interested in feng shui. When we bought our house in Los Angeles, it was a great opportunity to get Kim to help us with the design, the colors and the furniture placement. After this wonderful experience, I decided to join her [feng shui] class.”

Denis Colomb

Designer, Los Angeles

“Kim and I have successfully worked on several projects. I believe this reflects her integrity and personal ability. She knows her stuff, always has lots of fresh ideas. She goes the extra distance to do a thorough job. More recently we have been working with my new design studio.”

Melissa Robke

Owner, Hairlo Inc
., Los Angeles,
 Residential & Commercial Interior Design + Custom Furniture + Feng Shui

“Kim provided us with insightful feng shui and design information [after purchasing our first home]. We are so pleased with the result and are complimented by friends. We feel that our new space accurately reflects who we are, as individuals and as a couple.”


Emily & Dav Camras

creative director & business director, Los Angeles, Feng Shui

“Kim has helped me shift the energy in my life and two different homes. Her intuitive insight has helped me make changes in my life both great and small which I will forever be grateful.

Recently, I was lucky to have met Melinda Joy for a space clearing. The surprise… not only did I get my land cleared… plants are thriving in certain areas which hadn’t previously, but she also touched me on a personal level.  I am grateful for having both of them in my life.”

Dana Congdon

Film Editor, 
Topanga Canyon
, Feng Shui + Shamanic Services + HouseBlessing Ceremony + Shamanic Student

“Kim’s knowledge of Feng Shui is extensive and she has an intuitive way of working with people to help them make changes in a way they weren’t even able to imagine before. Although I already have a gift for interior design and furniture placement, Kim came up with a way to reconfigure my living room that completely surprised me and totally transformed the room. I am also enjoying our class. I am learning so much.”

Dr. Bonnie Tauber

Clinical Psychologist, Los Angeles, Certification, Feng Shui Student

“I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me a new level of spirituality, courage and confidence, all of which keep growing. I feel more able and prepared to meet life’s challenges.”

Grace Grace Perrong

Shambhalla Class Alumni, New Jersey

“Kim personalized my space based on my specific needs, desires, and goals. She started with my living room and I felt the whole space completely open up.

Immediately, I noticed changes in my life. The process ended up being much more complex than I imagined it would be, but the outcome is amazing. My creativity was spurred, I feel open to new experiences, I am happier and I noticed a change in my relationships.”

Erika Icon

Photographer & Writer, Los Angeles, Feng Shui + Space Revitalization

“Kim is a heartfelt, creative, intuitive design artist. She brings more beauty, alignment, and peace to peoples lives through aligning people’s spirits through their physical surroundings.”


Deborah Eden Tull

Author, Los Angeles, The Natural Kitchen : Feng Shui + Space Revitalization

“Melinda Joy, you have taught me so very much about the World and Unseen Worlds, about your passions, feng shui, Tibetan Buddhism, Native Americans, and more. I honor you for all you have given me in my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Executive Secretary, Maryland , Feng Shui + Shamanic Services

“Kim was so present from the moment we first spoke. There is just a peace and calm that she exudes…she was interested in understanding my short-term and long-term goals.

I felt invigorated by the subtle changes we made. The morning after our consultation when I awoke my mind was clear and I was full of energy.”

Valerie Day

spiritual counselor, Los Angeles, RScP : Feng Shui

“Kim’s approach to space revitalization was a truly wonderful process of discovery. She came up with smart solutions and suggestions that would generate better harmony, energy, and peace in our home. She really takes the time to get into one’s psyche, targeting certain objects from the past that can inhibit one from moving forward, while simultaneously identifying others that reflect more of who one is, as a means of enhancing the living space to achieve feeling more grounded, focused and above all, inspired. We are grateful to her for providing us with guidelines to empowerment and better living.”


Meredith B. Robinson

creative director & business director, Los Angeles, Feng Shui

“Melinda Joy, you have touched my life from our early days in Sacred Spaces, to introducing me to feng shui, and our many ceremonies. You bring joy to all who know you.”

Martina Besecker

Real-estate broker, Pennsylvania, Retreat participant + Shamanic Services

“In 1998 I was looking to triple the size of my office. Many people referred [Melinda Joy] to me. She knew right away what I was looking for and the results have been phenomenal. The atmosphere is better and my patient base grew. Any person walking in compliments on how beautiful it is, how well it is laid out, and how good they feel when they first walk in the door. I am forever in your debt for helping make my office a wonderful place. I can not recommend your service highly enough.”

Dr. Steven Fleisher

Chiropractor, Pennsylvania, Feng Shui

“I can’t even tell you how blown away I was by Kim’s vision. She is so good at what she does! She worked with pieces I had and moved them so they made more sense and the pieces she added I loved. She listens to you and almost channels your vision but sees things you would not have thought of. She is a great talent and has great ideas and she is a delight to work with. I always recommend her to anyone that is looking for an interior designer with a little something extra!”


Pamela Froman

Jewelry designer, Los Angeles, Interior Design & Feng Shui Consultation

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