Transformational Interior Design

Kim Colwell// does transformational interior design. She blends a proprietary process of interior psychology with biophilic design and a multi-generational practice of feng shui to create highly personalized spaces that are saturated with signature style.

Kim’s transformational interior design approach is honed from her background as a fine artist, training at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, her extensive studies in psychology and design, and her lifetime as the daughter of a Melinda Joy Miller, founder of the Shambhalla Institute. 

Used together, these intuitive and energetic skills have made Kim into what some call an “urban healer”—a designer whose high-style, high vibe environments help to heighten emotional and spiritual well-being, support harmonious relationships, and nurture an innate sense of personal balance. 

Merging disciplines of psychological discovery with intuitive understanding and metaphysical skills from her lineage, Kim creates worlds that art deeply personal yet flowing with feel-good energy. These multi-layered designs have an appeal that transcend the aesthetic.

Listening deeply to discover your vision, good design has the potential to express the essence of a person, family, or organization, to tell their story, and even reflect their hopes and their dreams. 

Kim’s transformational interior design has been featured in C magazine as well as interviews with Pasadena, Purist, Shape and WWD magazines. She has been featured as an expert in many books including Dr Frank Lipman’s recent book, ‘How To Be Well’. Her projects have been featured in Lucky, Angeleno, JCK Luxury, Rapaport, and InStore magazine which deemed her boutique design one of the coolest stores in the US. Take a peek at her 
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