Private Shamanic Coaching

“Original People looked to Earth history, not the history of people. We began our lives as a Thanksgiving Ceremony to the Earth, as our Mother and to Sky World, as our Father”.
Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitsch, Seneca Elder, Teacher

Through private consultation you are offered experiences that celebrate the brilliance of your Inner Shaman. As an innovative aid to understanding life from the twelve Truths of the Medicine Wheel of Peace, each session gives insight into your strengths, talents, and spiritual identity. Inspiring a spiritual journey into the Heart, the vibral core of your deepest truth and wisdom.

  • Each of the twelve Truths has a unique approach to living in Peace with Harmony, living from the wisdom of Love, walking with gratitude, and living in Joy. A process of transformation similar to having a shaft of sunlight break through the clouds.
  • Experience a journey of spiritual awakening with twelve cycles of Truth.
  • Gain a new perspective with insight and solutions to difficult, or uncomfortable situations.
  • Find your own answers to the questions you face with the wisdom of self, the Medicine Wheel of Peace, the cycles of Truth, the sacred directions, and the natural elements of the Circle of Life.
  • Explore ways to express and reflect your Inner Shaman’s wisdom and your goals in your home or working space.

About the practitioner

Shamanic Coaching consultations can be blended with Shamanic Astrology, feng shui, interior design, or space revitalization upon request.


First Session: $225
Follow Up Sessions are $85 per hour
New – This service is now offered via Phone or Skype


“I have been inspired to make the most significant changes in my life from what Melinda Joy taught me …instilled in me a new level of spirituality, courage, and confidence.” Carolyn Grace, NJ


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Feng shui, Shamanic Gardening, Spiritual Growth and Interior Design consultations are available to you.

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