Modern house designs from Animalick Interior Design and represented by B.D. Barcelona. B.D. Barcelona’s has a design meets art philosoph. With a background in architecture, there is an artisanal quality their projects. For me, their furniture collection is one of the best in the world. Each piece adds personality, elegance and charm to the modern house designs they are used in. When strong artistic pieces are present I am always draws in to know more about the people living the space. The cabinet design shown below does this and more. Artists Antoine and Manuel designed this cabinet for B.D. Barcelona. It was their first furniture design project.

Kim colwell design bd barcelona


Modern House Designs shown: Private House – Knokke (Belgium) Designer: Animalick Interior Design Photography: Marc Heldens + Verne Photography (Netherlands)

White Cabinet Design represented by B.D. Barcelona Design  Furniture Designers: Antoine & Manuel


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