Healing + Discovery + Rejuvenation

Join wellness, self-healing, and rejuvenation from an overworked mind, body, and spirit. Gain new tools to think more clearly, expand creativity, give deeper meaning to your life, & strengthen your relationships.

In this small, private retreat, each participant is given an intimate, personalized experience with plenty of time to focus on individual needs and to include experiences that can inspire a natural high, a recharge and to expand your creative flow.

The Shambhalla Institute specializes in putting together small personalized retreats for friends or associates based on budget, intention and with careful consideration to accommodate your special needs. Our retreats are transformational experiences that stay with you for a lifetime.

It will be held at a spectacular location that takes advantage of Sedona’s high-energy vortexes to make deep connections to the natural elements – Earth – Wind – Fire – Water; to include daily fitness routines, healthy eating, unique spa times, amazing nature encounters, and deep, personal discovery.


  • New ways to reduce mental anxiety – stop the brain chatter.
  • Group excursions into safe, healing spaces.
  • Deep relaxation with guided shamanic journeys to connect more deeply with yourself and your life purpose.
  • Personalized, mindful techniques that can shift patterns of the mind, behavior, or related to health.
  • Grounding exercises to stabilize inner rhythms of wellness.
  • Spa times that focus on beauty & health, making herbal remedies to use right away or to take home for enjoyment later.
  • Healthy, delicious food.
  • Daily walks or hikes through gorgeous, high-energy locations.
  • Discussions that inspire a deeper meaning for your life, especially related to understanding how to develop stronger relationships.
  • Valuable workshop using Shambhalla Institute’s signature blend of healing modalities – design psychology, feng shui, & shamanic astrology — to set up your home to support your new insight, healing, & enlightenment.
  • How to use your home as a tool to strengthen your personal identity and revitalize you on a soulful level.
  • Ample time to journal, share, & celebrate together breakthroughs & transformations.

Shambhalla Retreat Instructors: Melinda Joy Miller & Kim Colwell.

The Shambhalla Institute has been offering Shamanic Journey experiences for over 20 years. With the Medicine Wheel of Peace/Cycles of Life participants experience a sacred process of inner discovery toward peaceful relationships, happiness, and personal purpose.



sedona retreat group SIGN-UP NOW!

This private retreat has limited space. We keep this retreat to a very small group to allow for a more powerful opportunity to be deeply healed, master mindfulness, & gain transformational tools that will stay with you for life.

We are here to accomodate your special needs if you wish to incorporate something specific or have dietary restrictions. Fees & schedules can be adapted accordingly if you give us notification.

A 5 night, 6-day retreat. (4 full Shamanic Journey Days + All meals, snacks, and beverages + 5 Morning Ceremonies + 1 Evening Healing Circle + 1 private healing or coaching session with Melinda Joy + 1 private transformational session with Kim Colwell)

Fee: $1999


Deposit: $599

($200 of the deposit amount is non-refundable unless canceled within 45 days)

Please contact us if you would like to be added to the contact list or have us customize a retreat for you and your friends with a 5 person minimum.


Retreat Schedule


Welcome to Sedona

Check into your accommodations and enjoy some free time for hiking, shopping, or just soaking in the beauty. Later you will receive your welcome packet and finalized retreat itinerary.

On the first day

Your Shambhalla Shamanic Journey begins with a Welcome Ceremony.  During this special ceremony you will connect with the land, set your intention for the retreat, and identify blockages that need to be released.


  • For those early risers, a guided Sunrise ceremony is offered each day special attunement to the Element of the Day.
  • Personalized releasing process and meditations to celebrate self and share your experiences.
  • Receive the day’s focus with specific vortex or healing location in Sedona for experiencing the beauty & power of the earth.
  • Receive the day’s set of sensory integration, warm-up exercises for the brain, body, and soul

Daily shamanic learning experiences

Take an inner journey to explore an aspect of light and more deeply connect to self, be healed, or develop your intuitive senses to manifest your life’s vision or a special dream.Each day you will experience a different power spot in nature.

Late afternoon or evening

  • Free time for relaxation, journaling, private consultation, or Sedona adventures. Numerous materials that support reflection are set up for easy access and use, including fun, Health & Beauty Spa activities. Enjoy delicious food from local chefs.
  • Schedule your Complimentary Shamanic Astrology Reading, healing, or coaching session.
  • Evening guided Sunset Meditation & Shamanic Ceremony related to the day’s experience





Fabulous views from every room, jacuzzi tubs,  Wi-fi, healthy, nutritious meals & snacks will be provided with oxygenated water, nonalcoholic beverages, and highly nutritious moringa tea.


Participant testimonials:

“My life is profoundly changed by the experience. This experience has changed my perception of why I am here on Earth. Sedona was the perfect setting for our Journey. The entire experience exceeded my expectations.”
— Dorothea Zajaczuk, Feng Shui consultant and tai chi instructor

“Melinda joy was our marvelous guide to exploring the Great mystery in Sedona. I highly recommend this process to anyone interested in magnifying their healing. I cannot think of any improvement to perfection. I would definitely want to take again.”
— Judy, Mortgage broker

“What a wonderful experience!  I am still literally clearing my eyes to a new way of looking at things, still processing all that I was part of.  Thank you so much for bringing together such a magical group of people, sharing with us, and giving so much to us.  I am very grateful for you both, and for me, it is such a treat to see a mother daughter team with such lovely energy.”
— Sheryl Swaisgood, Distributor, Sidda Flower Essences


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