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The Shambhalla Institute’s unique Feng Shui is a process of personal power. It deepens your relationship with self, reflects your strengths and talents. Personal and business spaces are activated, rejuvenated to reach goals, build recognition, inspire, and enhance the beauty, harmony and sense of peace.

Since 1991, the Institutes’ comprehensive approach has made it the most well-established feng shui consultation and training school in North America. Our certification graduates have a distinct competitive edge as no other institute integrates traditional feng shui with psychological techniques, eco-friendly interior design, permaculture, and shamanic principles.

*Online Classes are now available*

Certification & Introductory Classes

We personalize classes worldwide via Skype and in-person, based on individual’s need, budget and interest. Our curriculum is suitable for newcomers, experienced practitioners, and anyone who wants to discover new ways to approach their life and environment.
Introductory & certification classes are available in:

Certification Residential Feng Shui Class

*Our most popular class*

What will I learn?
  • Professional knowledge of feng shui
  • Psychological perspectives to support identity within space
  • Visual psychological assessment
  • Bagua analysis to achieve personal goals related to career, wealth or relationships
  • Psychology of color
  • Specific placement of colors, furniture and objects for harmony, warmth and invitation
  • Clutter management
  • The history of the I-Ching
  • Translate feng shui through interior design.
  • Assess toxicity or harmful chi
  • How to stimulate, ground, attract and move chi
  • Basic dowsing skills
  • Taoism,Yin & Yang theory
  • 100th Monkey theory & Morphic Resonance
  • Safe use of Mirrors
  • Compass principles
  • Use of mudras, yantras and mantras in feng shui
  • Astrology and Native perspective in feng shui.
  • How to personalize feng shui for your clients
  • Related Field Trips and Practicums
  • See Class Schedule

Tuition: $1395/group class
$1845/private class
$999/Online Class (Not Certified)
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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Introductory Residential Feng Shui Class

*Abbreviated version of our most popular class above*

What will I learn?
  • Practical application of feng shui
  • Asian 5-element theory
  • Bagua analysis for career, wealth or relationship goals
  • Specific placement of colors, furniture and objects for harmony, warmth and invitation
  • Clutter management
  • The history of the I-Ching
  • How to translate feng shui through interior design
  • Safe use of mirrors

Tuition: $640/group class
$840/private class
$449/online class
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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Feng Shui for the Garden Class

Enrich and inspire your life through the enjoyment of your personalized garden

This is an amazing class designed to explore ancient garden design with sustainability and permaculture. It combines feng shui with the use of psychological, shamanic and spiritual perspectives. We explore how to make a psychological impact on emotions, thoughts and wellness.

What will I learn?

  • How to install a new garden that assures easy care
  • Plan a new garden design with 5-elements
  • Personalized garden design using astrology
  • Plant guild
  • Psychology of color and flowers
  • Native plants and plants at risk of survival on the planet
  • Making healthy soil and use of edibles
  • Learn how to help the planet by creating gardens that are wildlife-friendly by attracting bees, butterflies, and birds.
  • Personalized gardens that reflect your goal
  • Garden design for harmony with neighbors
  • Save plants at risk including many important herbs
  • Optimum placement of garden, trees, stones or pondsHarmonious flow of wind and water
  • Feng shui and Permaculture for your existing garden
  • Create a garden and gain hands-on experienc
  • Related Field Trips and Practicum
  • See Class Schedule

Tuition: $1,240/group class
$1,690/private class
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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Certification House Blessing Ceremony Class

What will I learn?

  • How to perform a Shambhalla House Blessing Ceremony
  • Visualization and manifestation techniques.
  • How to shift negative patterns and thoughts.
  • How to restore balance in the environment.
  • 5 element system – enliven chi and bring balance
  • Multi-cultural approaches to ritual and ceremony
  • Hands on practice to facilitate a special ceremony
  • Ancient rituals and use of ceremonial tools
  • Basic principles of ceremony
  • 3 Days – See Class Schedule

Tuition: $375/group class
$100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve

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Certification Corporate Feng Shui Class

What will I learn?
  • Customized feng shui assessment tools for business, home-based business, and real estate.
  • Special feng shui adjustments related to business
  • How color and the 5-elements relate to your business
  • On-site field trips that will assure the best
  • learning experience
  • How structural elements influence the success or failure of your business
  • To use feng shui to build clientele
  • Psychological and metaphysical insight
  • All participants will receive a personalized marketing packet for their own business
  • An in-depth study of home inspection for selling your home and purchase of a new home or business
  • Special feng shui cures for a quick sell and for an easy move into a new space for real estate and commercial.
  • To assess strengths or weaknesses in the physical structure and make necessary changes
  • How to create more recognition in your business
  • See Class Schedule

Tuition: $1395/group class
$1845/private class
$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve
Note: There is a pre-requisite of the residential feng shui class.

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Melinda Joy Miller, founder, is the author of the book, Shamanic Gardening, a feng shui master and medicine woman with an extensive background in the healing arts, sensory-motor integrative therapy, sustainable gardening, and cultural anthropologist.

Kim Colwell Melinda Joy’s daughter, BFA from NYU Tisch, is a second generation feng shui master and owner of her own interior design firm, Kim Colwell Design.

Where can I attend a class?

The Institute has classes throughout the year in Los Angeles Orlando and Vancouver BC. The Instructors are available to travel throughout the globe upon request.



“My studies with Melinda Joy have taken my skills to a new level.”
Dorothea Zajaczuk, Feng Shui Consultant & Tai Chi instructor, Certification Residential & Commercial Feng Shui Alumni

“Taking Kim’s class has made a marked difference in the way the space feels, how I feel and how my life has shifted.”
Tara Platt, Actress, Certification Residential Feng Shui Alumni

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