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Space Revitalization Consultation

Practical and economic design solutions to re-fresh, re-invent and re-organize your space. Use your existing items or subtle creative additions for a transformed home or work environment. This remarkable service offers enless ways to pretty up your space while shifting the feel to be more inviting, warm, and rejuvenating. Even one consultation will offer a TON of creative solutions to any design delimas.


Creatively re-using the bookshelf with more a meaningful decor enlivened the room..

A lighter, more intimate and beautiful room emerged from minor adjustments.



   Simple changes during a short consultation gave this room a new life.



   We find ways to use your existing items in new ways like this revitalized stool.


A sustainable corner armoire opened up the room and enhanced the flow.

We decorated with mostly items found in our client's storage to transform the look of the room.

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Space revitalization consultations can be blended with feng shui upon request. 


Kim Colwell, Shambhalla founder Melinda Joy's daughter is the owner of Kim Colwell Design.

Kim is an interior designer who works with specialized modalities to create a signature space that is tailor made for "you". Her spaces feel as good as they look.


Based on Los Angeles, you will have a choice of seeing us on-site or online. Our virtual approach allows us to offer space revitalization projects solely online to transform your space anywhere in the world.


We often begin with a 1 hr 30 min session but you can extend the session to any amount of time that you need.

  • 1 hr 30 min session (flat rates) – $135 online – $220 in person
  • Hourly fees – Online – $90 per hr –  In person – $160 per hr
  • Prepay for 8 hrs of sessions – In person  – $999 or Online – $699*

*In person & online sessions can be combined.



" Space revitalization was a truly wonderful process of discovery. She came up with smart solutions that would generate better harmony in our home, targeting certain objects from the past that can inhibit one from moving forward to achieve feeling more grounded, focused and above all, inspired."

- Meredith Robinson, Art is in Food


"Kim and I have successfully worked on several projects. I believe this reflects her integrity and personal ability. She knows her stuff, always has lots of fresh ideas and really gets the feng shui flowing. She goes the extra distance to do a complete and thorough job. It’s been a while since I had my home refurbished with Kim and I still love all we did. More recently we have been working with my new design studio. I feel fortunate to know Kim all these years. 

- Melissa Robke, Hairlo Inc



"Our living room is AMAZING. Everybody says our place looks like a tv show gave it a makeover – so that makes me very happy!  Kim is really so gifted.  She gives personalized attention, is sensitive to people’s needs, and has a great sense of style."

-Jodi B Wise, Clothing Designer/Actress



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